Mileenergy Technologies Private Limited is a renewable energy company which  manufactures biofuel products.  It steps into manufacturing of briquettes, cubes and pellets. The manufacturing facility is one of its kind in India, with all the automated facilities and international standards. Mileenergy has a capacity to manufacture 30,000 tons/annum of biofuel products.

Looking at the present as well as the future scenario, with the shortage of coal and hike of the price of conventional energy, biofuel has a very promising future. Agricultural residues and forest wastes are generated in millions every year in India. Most of the residue is either wasted or burnt, hence causing air pollution. Also, transporting and handling of these wastes is very difficult due to their low bulk density.

We at Mileenergy, educate and assist the farmer on how to economically and effiiciently harvest the agricultural residues and also transport them.